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    Upholstery is something that is often overlooked when considering to clean your home. Your carpet may cover more square footage, but we bet you’ll spend more time sitting in your favorite armchair than on the living room floor!


  • Why have your upholstery cleaned regularly?



    The main reason to have your upholstery cleaned is to help maintain the appearance of your furniture. Keep your furniture looking nicer and lasting longer with regular cleaning that prevents dirt and grime from building up.


    Family Health

    Fleas, mould and bacteria can make a comfortable home deep in your upholstery without you even knowing it. Pathogens and dirt can build up to the point where they can cause health risks to your family.


    Air Quality

    Most people don't realize that cleaning your upholstery improves the air quality in your home. A professional cleaning will rid your upholstery of dust, dirt & allergens.


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