• Travertine Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

    Travertine Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration


  • Travertine Cleaning Restoration

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    Travertine Deep Cleaning & Sealing

    Travertine is one of our favourite floors to restore at First Class Floor Care, If you’re looking to have the travertine cleaned and restored then you've come to the right place.

    Travertine Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration Sligo

    Polishing Travertine

    Nothing matches the beauty of well kept travertine floors, over time the shine on your polished travertine floor will start to dull. First Class Floor Care can bring that mirror finish back to your travertine floor with our professional polishing techniques.

  • How Often Does Travertine Need Sealed?

    Marble restoration polishing

    Travertine is an investment and should be maintained to prolong its beauty. Most travertine is very porous and needs to be professionally cleaned, polished or honed, and sealed every 2 - 3 years or sooner if there is a high amount of foot traffic, once they start showing patchy areas and starts staining easily then you should have your travertine stripped, cleaned and re-sealed.

  • Common Travertine Finishes


    Honed Travertine Restoration, First Class Floor Care

    Honed & Filled Travertine

    A honed finish is when the travertine slab has been ground to a smooth, flat consistent surface. This finish is created by stopping short of the last stage of polishing, leaving the stone with a non-shiny matte look.

    Tumbled Travertine Restoration, First Class Floor Care

    Classic Tumbled Travertine

     brushed and unfilled travertine having slightly tumbled edges offering pale shades of beige and cream giving this stone the charm it deserves.

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